John Roa

Former singer of Ex-Batallion, JRoa, reintroduces himself to the world as a now solo artist, “John Roa”.

Passionate about music since he was young, he ventured out to singing competitions such as Pilipinas Got Talent Season 4 (2013) and Tawag Ng Tanghalan (2016).

At 16 years old, he joined hip-hop/rap group Ex-Batallion. Together, they left Cebu to go to Metro Manila, for better career opportunities. The group enjoyed underground fame, going from one gig to another.

After 2 years with Ex-Batallion, John Roa decided to venture out on his own, wanting to explore other musical genre’s and improving his craft.

He signed a management contract with Viva Entertainment, opening up several doors for him in the industry. This includes a contract with Viva Records.


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