After 5


Just when we thought we’ve seen it all. There are various girl groups here and there, trying to stand out from the rest. But there’s something about the girls of After 5 that looms from the others.

With all four of them being handpicked from the “Born To Be A Star” talent competition, there’s definitely no doubting their incredible vocals and sultry dance moves. But what’s really striking is how Andrea, Karla, Rachel, and Anne present themselves as a group. Sassy and fierce — that is the definition of After 5.

These girls can’t help but slay each and every single they deliver. Their proficiency in singing and dancing, topped with flaming personalities makes them one of the hottest girl groups of the Pinoy pop generation.

After 5 goes beyond the typical pop girl group. They deliver bold and sophisticated tunes, a genre that stays true to their name. They are called After 5 for a reason — that is their musical artistry. Their genre is categorized as music heard at hours after 5:00 pm.

Their high ranged vocals and overall tremendous talent are immediately recognizable in their latest single “Babalik” — a fierce track about being independent, strong, and bold.

Now, there’s no doubt these four ladies are going far in the showbiz industry, as long as they never lose the intensity of their fire for what they do.