Viva Vicor albums

  1. Sagada — Cup Of Joe

  2. Heart React — ALLMO$T

  3. Tala — Acapellago

  4. Do It In Bisaya — Karencitta, Anon, and Cookie$

Viva Vicor videos

  1. Hoy — Chandler Manzano [Official Music Video]

  2. Hoy — Chandler Manzano

  3. Umaga — Shanne Dandan [Official Lyric Video]

  4. Paghanga — Via Ortega [Official Music Video]

Viva Vicor news and updates

From After 5 to Manila Girls— The Fiercer Comeback

All-female sing and dance pop group After 5 has been delivering bold and sophisticated tunes since their debut in 2017. The group was named thus after the fact that their music is the kind of pop music one would want to hear into the party hours of the night. Nevertheless,…

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Viva Vicor ARTISTS

  1. Matteo Guidicelli

  2. Lance Raymundo

  3. Karencitta

  4. Just Hush