Donnalyn Bartolome


Donnalyn Bartolome is always on top of trends whether its vlogs, songs, or music videos thus earning her the moniker Social Media Sweetheart.


Her debut single Kakaibabewas soon followed by her album Happy Break Upentitled after her carrier track which also became a trending track. 


While she was famous for her happy and bubbly music, she steered to a more mellow sound in 2017 as she released a series of singles. Her trilogy, which tackled the struggles of being in a relationship, began with Itatama Pa Ba o Tama Na,followed by Sabi Niya,and ended with Hindi Akoalso showcased her maturity and growth in songwriting.


In 2019, she continues to show her power over social media as her singles “’Di Lahatand HBDfrom her 2018 album Surprise,immediately became trending hits on various social media platforms.