Feel Day

Feel Day (formerly Luna’s) is an independent alt-rock band based in Metro Manila. The band consists of Jek Buenafe (vocals, keyboard), Jin Solomon (guitar), Kim Casim (bass), and Ram Gloria (drums). They play all-original music that is often described as “chill”, faithful to their goal of producing songs that make every listener feel welcome and at home.


Lyric-wise, the songs mainly appeal to Pinoy millennials. With lots of “hugot” lines, an overall feeling of being “sawi, pero kaya pa naman”, as well as the fact that they are millennials themselves, the band is able to foster a sense of camaraderie with their listeners through the words in their songs.


As to the sound, the band follows the principle that the songs should be fun to play even with just a guitar. Thus, the arrangements and melodies are often designed to be easy and memorable. The band heavily favours chemistry over individual skill.