Janine Teñoso

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Janine Teñoso is a singer-songwriter who is on a course trajectory for Pinoy pop stardom who debuted her first single “Fall” in 2016 and has further caught the crowd with her “214” and “Di Na Muli” covers. She released her first EP titled “Kwento Sa Silid “showcasing her knack for penning relatable verses that produced the hit collaboration single “Pelikula” with the known OPM act Arthur Nery.


Janine continues to wow her listeners with her powerful voice as she features through a numerous roster of official movie soundtracks that makes her more unforgettable. Of course, her magnificent songwriting skills are also evident with her recent single “LARO.” The track is about the innuendos that usually appear at the start of a courtship. And Janine wondering about “ano kayang pumapagitan sa ating dalawa?” is all the line that we need to make us stop and think, how long are we going to play this game called love? But of course, Janine says it better in song.


Recently, Janine Tenoso returns with a beautiful sounding new song in “Sandig.” The hit singer of “Di Na Muli,” “Pelikula” and “Umibig Muli” does it again with a new original in “Sandig.” The word is a beautiful Tagalog word that means ‘to lean on’ or ‘to depend on someone.’ And Janine cleverly uses the word to connote finally finding someone to spend life with and to figuratively rest one’s heart beside another. But ultimately, Janine sings and delivers the message best. Produced by Shadiel Chan, whom Janine met through her Cup Of Joe collaboration (“Tingin”), Janine seems to find a musical kindred spirit and flies high once again with this lilting piece delivered beautifully by Janine Tenoso’s dulcet voice.