Janine Teñoso

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On our first encounter with Janine Teñoso, the tall and slim singer describes herself as thus: “I’m shy at first, but when you get to know me, I’m funny and bubbly inside and I have a lot of passion for music.” Discovered by Viva in “Born To Be A Star”- Janine shared that singing is an integral part of who she is. Janine’s intro to music is traced back to her involvement in the church.

Janine cites Carrie Underwood from American Idol, and Justin Bieber as her favorite pop artists. Locally, she has much admiration for Popstar royalty Sarah Geronimo to which she adds “she’s good at everything; sing, dance, and act, she can do everything!” As for what type of music she likes, the 17-year old singer says that she is “flexible to all types, but it’s mostly pop. And yes, I also compose my own songs. Mostly I’m inspired of my experiences and day-to-day revelations and that’s what I try to write about in my songs.”