AMGO EP — John Roa

  • Release date: 2019-07-19
  • Label: Viva Records

The much-awaited new batch of songs from singer-songwriter John Roa is finally here with the arrival of his first EP entitled “AMGO.” For all intents and purposes “AMGO” is the album every fan has been waiting for from John Roa. Previous J-Roa releases have proven that his main strength has always been rooted in writing.


Opening track “Lagi” kicks off to a moody start for Roa, who employed young Hip-hop producer Nexxfriday (producer of Because album ‘Heartbreak SZN’) to helm his new songs. The result is a thematically cohesive and tight sounding record for John Roa.


The acoustic-driven “Muli” is as catchy as they get, while gripping, piano-decked “Andiyan” is a melancholy tale about remaining steadfast about overwhelming odds. “Natatangi” meanwhile takes John into catchy, playful pop jazz-tinged song-craft. Ditto EP closer “Natatangi” which sees John Roa going back a bit to his rap roots. All in all, “AMGO” is a snapshot of John Roa at his creative best.