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Because — Heartbreak SZN

  • Release date: 2018-06-12
  • Label: Viva Records Label

It hasn’t been so long since Because officially signed with Viva Records. But since then, he has contributed in great heights to the local music scene.

His debut single, “Marlboro Black” went viral and was followed by two more chart-toppers “OTW” and “Sandali.” Despite his rapid fame and significant contributions to the local music scene, Because doesn’t plan on taking a break anytime soon. Especially now with the release of his first album “Heartbreak SZN,” read as Heartbreak Season.

This collection contains 13 tracks similar in sound with his released singles, but each one gives us that fresh new taste of local R&B music and that distinct sound from the one and only Because.


Heartbreak SZN is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and all other digital music stores!