Somethin’ Amazing — Schumi feat. Grace Alade

Somethin’ Amazing — Schumi feat. Grace Alade

Rising hip-hop artist Schumi shows off his R&B roots in his newest single “Somethin’ Amazing.” For him, this track isn’t your typical love song; it gets real on the hardships they face. Even if everything is falling apart, you still find a way to appreciate love in its purest form. Schumi together with Grace Alade puts this thought in the melodic rap verses and R&B-infused hooks of “Somethin’ Amazing.”
Composed by Albert Guallar
Produced and arranged by Albert Guallar
Recorded by Schumi and Grace Alade
Mixed and mastered by Vincent Dasalla

Somethin’ Amazing

Schumi feat. Grace Alade


It’s gettin’ late

I feel you baby

Can I take you out this evening

We can put your body next to me

Close your eyes and we gon’ see

Feelings change, feel my pain

I can show you another reflection of me

Feel my intention you never can see


The way I can put you to sleep got you crazy for me

You don’t make it too difficult you gotta be

Somethin’ amazing

Kung alam ko lang nung una, yeah

‘Di ko na ‘to gagawin, yeah

Pwedeng bumalik ka na sa ‘kin

‘Di ko na kaya

Sawa na ‘ko sa mga dating gawi

‘Di mo na kailangan sabihin alam ko na rin

Ang mga tinatago mong hinanakit


Somethin’ amazing, yeah

Somethin’ amazing, yeah
Somethin’ amazing, yeah

Somethin’ amazing, yeah


Feelings change, feel my pain

Can I take you out this evenin’

We can

Feelings change, feel my pain


“Somethin’ Amazing” by Schumi feat. Grace Alade is NOW AVAILABLE on all digital music platforms!