1. Dance With G-Force

    Release date: 08-Oct-2013 Dance With G-Force DVD Learn more

  2. Jason Farol

    Release date: 08-Oct-2013 Jason Farol – Jason Farol Learn more

  3. James Reid

    Release date: 05-Sep-2013 James Reid – James Reid Learn more

  4. Flipmusic #One

    Release date: -Dec- Flipmusic #One – Various Artists Learn more

  5. Expressions - Sarah Geronimo

    Release date: 22-Jul-2013 Expressions – Sarah Geronimo Learn more

  6. Yssa Muhlach

    Release date: 02-Apr-2013 Yssa Muhlach – Yssa Muhlach Learn more

  7. Chicser

    Release date: 20-Apr-2013 Chicser – Chicser Learn more

  8. May Tama - Blakjak

    Release date: 20-Mar-2013 May Tama – Blakjak Learn more

  9. Arimundingmunding - Alexis Navarro

    Release date: 15-Mar-2013 Arimundingmunding – Alexis Navarro Learn more

  10. Carlo Lopez

    Release date: 21-Feb-2013 Carlo Lopez – Carlo Lopez Learn more

  11. 24/SG

    Release date: -Dec- 24/SG Concert Learn more