‘Love language is the theme in Amiel Sol’s “Soup”‘

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Singer-songwriter Amiel Sol captures the essence of love in his latest single “Soup.” For his first original single under Ivory Music, Amiel is delving into the theme of love language, and “Soup” showcases his own brand of tender acts of care and affection.

Amiel opens his song calmly and composed, as he intones the opening lines: ‘Bakit kaya ‘pag hawak ang ‘yong kamay / ang oras kay bilis ‘di mapalagay / iba talaga ang takbo ng araw / ‘pag ikaw ang aking kaharap.’  Amiel Sol elaborates on his lyrics stating, “’Soup’ is about the feeling of how slow time is when you’re not with the person that you love, and how fast it is when you are.”

And then he picks up the pace just enough for the song to hit its mark assuredly, and like a warm and comforting embrace delivers his chorus: ‘Sa gitna ng ulan / kahit na tayo’y magkasakit / ikaw ay aalagaan / at bibigyan kita ng mainit na sabaw.’

“The song also talks about showing love through little things such as taking care of them when they’re sick. I wanted to write a song that matches the gloomy weather we are experiencing right now, but at the same time have an upbeat song about missing the person you love,” says Amiel.

According to Ivory Music marketing officer Jave Nacor, “Amiel’s song symbolizes the love language of making sacrifices for a loved one.” “The sound this time around for Amiel is upbeat, but it still has that bedroom pop feel to go with the vibe with the rainy weather we’re currently having,” added Nacor.

A warm and comforting ‘soup’ as metaphor for love is exactly what Amiel Sol’s growing fanbase have come to expect from the singer. The rising acoustic pop ballad singer-songwriter has been serenading and inducing ‘kilig’ feels into his songs even during his early releases. And this outing is no different, except maybe for the slight sonic changes that Amiel Sol is employing this time around.

Previously affiliated with Viva Records, Amiel Sol has now joined Ivory Music, marking a new chapter in his career. Label executive MG Mozo expressed optimism about Sol’s potential, noting that as Ivory Music’s inaugural artist for 2024, Sol stands to gain from the label’s extensive resources. Mozo emphasized Ivory Music’s commitment to nurturing Amiel Sol’s growth as a songwriter and musician, enabling him to explore new creative avenues.

Amiel Sol’s transition to Ivory Music follows the success of his previous single, “Ikaw Lang Patutunguhan,” which garnered significant attention and more than 1. million streams. His first single under the newly revamped Ivory Music, a cover of Basil Valdez’s “Ngayon At Kailanman,” similarly, did well.


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