16-Year Old Rap Soul Sensation Because

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The world will be inherited by the young. Or something like it as the saying goes. But this early, the young ones are taking over. Especially in the world of Pinoy rap as the MC’s get younger. Just like 16-year old rap artist Because.

Because, real name BJ Castillano has already shaken the fringes of Pinoy rap. At sixteen years of age, just when teens his age are thinking of video games, prom dates and senior high, Castillano had already produced a couple of tracks to his name, specifically “Marlboro Black” and “OTW” which went viral on YouTube and Spotify.

And just because he can do it, he also recently released a new single the went the same way as his previous releases. Said track is entitled “Sandali” and the song has finally defined what Because is all about.

“I’m a trap soul artist,” announced Castillano. “It’s a sub-genre that rap artists my age have been pursuing. It’s a sub-genre that specifically came from the combination of singing and rap. I was influenced by the urban sounds of rappers like Smugglaz and Curse One, and from there I took that and it shaped the way my music sounds now.”

“Sandali” is making its mark on Spotify, breaking into the platform’s Philippines Viral 50 Chart upon its release. “Sandali” is a chill sounding rap track that exemplifies Because’s style at the moment. Nothing hurried with the beats and the delivery. Just good pacing from the young artist who’s been writing rhymes since he was 11-years old.

As for being a 16-year old rap artist. “It just so happens that I was exposed to rap at an early age. I didn’t set out to be a “young rapper,” ‘yun lang talaga ang tunog na nagustuhan while I was starting to listen to music.”

Like a kid obsessed with playing as much video games as he can, Because is equally focused on putting out as much of his own stuff as he can. “This is just the start, the creative team behind me have a lot more songs in reserve and we’re ready to put them all out. In fact, we’re ready to release my first album “Heartbreak SZN” (Heartbreak Season) very soon.”

“Sandali” by Because is available on all digital outlets and is streaming on Spotify, and Apple Music. Check out his music video for “Sandali” at the Viva Records YouTube channel.


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