A Different Side of Donnalyn Bartolome

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The sweet and charming voice behind the hit song ‘Kakaibabe’ is back!  And she has a new song and some good tidings to boot. In an interview with Viva Records, Donnalyn Bartolome talks about her new song “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na?” and drops hints about a major release soon.


In her usual peppy self, Donnalyn said, “finally, after more than a year since the ‘Happy Break Up’ album, comes this single.” The petite YouTube celebrity was putting the finishing touches on her new song just a few minutes prior. She was relaxed but obviously glad to be talking about something more current. “Single muna, because I’m still working on the other songs. So after this, maybe 1 or 2 months until the release of the album. This song is a teaser for the next album”, shared Donnalyn.


The young YouTube sensation is excited about her third set, since she considers it as a chance to reveal more of who Donnalyn Bartolome really is. Adding that she’s taking a fresh approach to songwriting, and that the song “Itatama Pa Ba, O Tama Na?” – a melodic, midtempo ballad about a relationship crossroad, is a precursor to showing a side of her that fans have not yet seen.


“I could say na it’s different from all my other songs. Kasi all my other songs are happy, like super happy and energetic, which is me. Pero I’m kind of trying something new. Medyo mellow naman.”


She is referring of course to the petite “Kakaibabe” that’s uber bubbly. Now, Donnalyn wants to show a bit more contrast. A little more introspection and mellowness. “Gusto ko ipakita sa kanila that I also feel the things that they feel — iyong sad, iyong brokenhearted. Feeling ko mas makakarelate pa iyong mga tao sa akin.”


And her new track is just that. “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na?”, despite its catchy choruses, is a melancholy track that portrays the thoughts of someone torn between saving a love and letting it all go — something a lot of us have been through at least once in our lives. The theme showcases how Donnalyn has matured and improved in coming up with song concepts. Still, there’s an undeniable catchiness to the tune. Making seeing and hearing from the ‘new Donnalyn’ all the more exciting.


But for now, there’s “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na?” – whose music video made its music channel debut recently. As expected, the video does not fall short of expectations set by the track. It’s certainly not Donnalyn’s usual uplift and sass that we see. But somewhat still empowering albeit more emotional. But that’s just the way she wants it. Check out the heart-rending and tear-jerking performance of the social media sweetheart, alongside Japs Mendoza of The Juans who appears in the video opposite Donnalyn.


For more of “Itatama Pa Ba, O Tama Na,” head over to the Viva Records YouTube Channel to watch the official music video: and the official lyric video:


You can also stream the song over at Spotify, Apple Music and digital music stores.


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