Arthur Nery Releases New Single With Jason Dhakal “Happy w u”

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R&B and soul artist Arthur Nery releases his much-awaited single of the year “Happy w u.” This new track is made even more special with the participation of fellow R&B artist, Jason Dhakal. These two remarkable singers, among the top in their scene, created a captivating and sweet-sounding mid-tempo track imbued with Arthur Nery’s cool style that his fans have now associated with him.



Arthur Nery was thrust in the spotlight for his smooth R&B tracks such as “Binhi” and his most previous single “Higa” from the album “Letters Never Sent.” Since his debut track “Life Puzzle,” his trajectory has been on a continuous rise.


This 2020, Arthur Nery joins Viva Records with a renewed passion for creating even more groundbreaking music. He starts off this journey with “Happy w u” in collaboration with Jason Dhakal. According to Nery, they both took part in writing each of their verses while he arranged the whole track.


As the title suggests, “Happy w u” is all about a love so simple yet so affectionate that it brings pure bliss. It’s a song that spells out how love can also be effortless that despite all the hurdles you face, you’re still able to receive the same amount of love you give.


Arthur Nery shares that the inspiration from the track came from his own experience in love. It was the kind of relationship that was so simple and effortless yet it brought so much joy for him, “There was this one girl who gave as much as she received. For once, someone returned the same amount of love I offered. Though we didn’t end up together, it made me realize that having that kind of affection was possible. My feelings for this girl grew bigger every day even without constant communication, and it opened me to a kind of love that was simple and almost effortless.”


“Happy w u” by Arthur Nery featuring Jason Dhakal is just the first out of many songs he has in store. Arthur Nery has been continuously working hard on his craft to bring even more new tracks and more collaborations in the year to come.


“Happy w u” by Arthur Nery feat. Jason Dhakal is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and other digital music stores!





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