AUDIO JUNKIE: Chan’s specialty: Christmas song

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by Punch Liwanag

Elizabeth Chan (

New York-based singer-songwriter Elizabeth Chan gave up her job as a marketing exec for Condé Nast (Self Magazine, MTV etc.) in order to pursue music full-time. What differentiates Chan from other pop dreamers is that she exclusively writes Christmas music, some of which can be heard on her Philippine debut release “Christmas In The City.”

check out her latest music video here:

In “A Christmas Song,” Chan starts off in traditional-carol mode, with bells-a-tinkling and snare drum a-rattling to a steady march. Somehow she manages to name-check all of her favorite carols in the lyrics of this merry, modern day Christmas tune.

The artist comes in grooving on “Something About The Holidays,” with pumping bass lines, implying a Motown-feel ala Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” The fast-paced “Fa La La” rocks with a wailing sax solo.

Chan uses a variety of styles. In one excursion, she dips into electronic/club music in the remix of “A Christmas Song.” Elsewhere, there’s the light ukulele-sound on “Hey Santa” that conjures fun Hawaiian luau holiday. The singer-songwriter digs into Christmas blues on the yearning, country-flavored ballad, “Wouldn’t Be A Merry Christmas.” The contemplative “Christmas In The City” sets listeners up for mellow mood.

One of her goals is to write a great standard like “White Christmas.” With the way she’s going, Chan might just achieve it.


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