Bandang Lapis Continues Winning Streak

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Bandang Lapis, the biggest breakout band of 2020, had their nationwide success for their elegiac song “Kabilang Buhay.” The track continues to grow and to date, “Kabilang Buhay” now has a total of 37 Million views for their music video, 20 Million views for their Wish Bus performance, and over 16.5 Million streams on Spotify.



And right after “Kabilang Buhay,”  another Bandang Lapis song is fast rising in popularity. Their song “Sana’y Di Nalang” is also gaining attention across platforms. This alternative-rock track, a woeful song about pain and regret brought about by love, marked their major-label debut with Viva Records earlier this year.



And this December, it has taken over “Kabilang Buhay” on YouTube PH’s Top Songs Chart! Last October 11, “Sana’y Di Nalang” peaked on the #9 spot and the 2nd OPM song on the list. Its music video has also gained over 10 Million views and over 2 million streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, “Kabilang Buhay” stayed on the #13 spot of the same chart.


Indeed, Bandang Lapis has proven that their strong suit is their heartfelt ‘hugot’ tracks with forlorn lyrics and melodious tunes. With the rise of their songs on the mainstream this year, Bandang Lapis is not far off from becoming even bigger with their brand of melodious ‘hugot’ hits.


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