Edsel of PPop Generation Unveils More Serious Side on Her Debut Track “Dumating Ka Na”

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Edsel of PPop Generation is a real powerhouse singer, which she fully displays in her single, “Dumating Ka Na.” Fans of PPop Generation know her for her charming and charismatic personality, so they would be pleasantly surprised by her powerful singing in her solo endeavors.


Edsel has trained in singing since she was 7 years old, which she brings to fore whenever she sings. Powerful ballads or ‘birit’ songs have become her forte – and you wouldn’t know it from her meek and amiable personality.
With PPop Generation, Edsel continues to astonish with her dynamic stage presence and impressive sing-and-dance skills. On her own, her solo track “Dumating Ka Na,” unveils her more serious side along with her innate talent for singing.



Her debut single “Dumating Ka Na” is a power ballad written by premier songwriter Marione. It was a technically challenging song, and yet Edsel was able to hit every note flawlessly. However, it was getting the right emotions which became challenging for her. Edsel admits she has not yet experienced the same longing feeling expressed in the track. To draw inspiration for the track, she turned to reading and watching love stories. And just like so, Edsel was able to deliver her song “Dumating Ka Na” with the appropriate emotions.


Listen to “Dumating Ka Na” by Edsel of PPop Generation here:


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