Eric Ejercito – Strong and Independent

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Strong and independent Eric Ejercito is not only known from his popular last name, he’s also what some might call a “jack of all trades”. With hobbies and interests ranging from magic to directing films, not to mention bearing a familiar face as seen in advertisements. Eric has also ventured to start a career in music.

As a founder of Team Elite, with members taught by L.A. Based Justin Vales aka “Jet Li”, he wanted to incorporate his dancing skills with the artistry of his vocals. His debut single “Fearless” bears a K-Pop vibe and has a deep message of having courage and never giving up. With the ideals of his father in mind, “always protect the family name and autograph your work with quality”, Eric’s debut was welcomed warmly.

Not only is Eric multi-talented, he’s also goal oriented and well disciplined with his life. He constantly keeps his health in check and has tried numerous diets to stay in shape. Business minded, Eric owns and manages his own gym called Fitness Armory. Despite his huge following on social media he’s still a genuine person and is actually quite approachable. Eric is surely one of the new kids on the block to keep an eye on.

“Fearless” is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, and all music streaming platforms.

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