James Reid Previews Upcoming Album With ‘Huwag Ka Ng Humirit’

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Manila, Philippines – The James Reid show is going full blast at the start of the new year. Fans of the young star would be glad to know that the ‘Diary Ng Panget’ actor is busy putting the finishing touches on a new album.

James recently released a new track entitled “Huwag Ka Ng Humirit,” his latest solo recording since “Natataranta,” from the “Diary Ng Panget” OST, and his first full-fledged promotional track after his self-titled debut album’s single “Alam Niya Ba,” was released back in late 2013. Though not yet officially announced by Viva Records, “Huwag Ka Ng Humirit” is part of a six-song EP that the label is planning to release soon, before the end February 2015.

Ferdie Bague, a sales executive from the label said that “it was time” for a new James Reid album. “James was so busy last year with his movies and other activities that it was hard to find time to record in the studio. But we knew how big James was getting so we understand his busy sked,” added the executive.

But in between movie shoots and promotional tours, James was spending the time he can spare inside the studio with various composers and producers. Among these are songwriting duo and R&B act Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacsamana who wrote the dance-flavored new single. James also worked with Canadian music producer Adam Hurstfield (SuperJunior, Ne-Yo, Sarah Geronimo) and came up with a smashing, upbeat-pop track called “Ten.” Producer Civ Fontanilla, who is overseeing the completion of the new Reid album, also mentioned that the latest James-Nadine duet, “Hanap-Hanap” is included in the upcoming album. “That one is for the ‘Jadine’ fans,” the producer said.

Asked to describe James’ new album, Fontanilla said: “It sounds great. James is coming into his own as a singer. And he’s also putting in the extra effort to sing in Tagalog. Most of the songs in the new album are ‘Taglish,’ and it’s sounding great.”

James in the meantime described his latest song as a “pop dance track, really funky.” “The video is all about dance, kind of like ‘Gentleman-style,’ really fancy.” “Huwag Ka Ng Humirit” is not yet available on Itunes or for streaming, but the music video is already rotating heavily on various music channels. James added that track is special in that “the choreograhpy is the most difficult i’ve done so far, but I love it.” In the black and white music video, James is seen doing some slick, Justin Timberlake-esque moves alongside the G-Force Poppers, who served as his dance troupe in the video.

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