Maria (Original Movie Soundtrack)

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The new Christine Reyes-starrer entitled “Maria” sure kicks some serious derriere. For Christine Reyes, it’s the role of a lifetime and nobody else in Philippine cinema now can pull it off other than her. So an edgy, action-packed film like this surely needs an equally aggressive soundtrack. And that comes courtesy of this 8-song album from hard rock band Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus.


From the gurgling electronic intro of “Artful Slaughter” – that quickly turns into industrial grade metal, to the hard rock stomp of “Bitch Bites Back” featuring singer Sid Buan supplying the proper femme bite. To the MIDI-tweaked intros of instrumental track “Casket Snakes,” Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus manages to supply this OST with the proper grit and metal aggression this action-packed flick requires.

There’s also the theatrical sounding, piano-decked “Blood On The Road” and the Munster-like classic organ wheeze on “Last Glass” featuring female rock vocals by Abby Clutario and Paige Buan respectively. Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus takes the spotlight on the title track (“Maria”) whose vocals and arrangement sounds like a cross between Alice Cooper and Korn. it’s that good.


There’s more to bite into of course, but you can either watch the movie and listen to the album in its entirety. And the best thing? The OST bites back!  



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