‘Martin Nievera’s ‘A Brand New Christmas’ A Song Of Uplift For New Normal’

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“It’s a Christmas song in the new normal, about the new normal,” Martin Nievera announced about his new holiday-themed tune entitled “A Brand New Christmas.” 



Said song is the first-ever Yule-themed track to feature the oft-used phrase ‘new normal’ in the lyrics. “This is about the Christmas we don’t know about–yet,” said Martin. He is of course referring to the coming holidays which is going to be the first as the Covid-19 pandemic still rages across the world. 


Still, there’s no hint of negativity in this piano-strewn ballad as it instead focuses on hope, new beginnings and what’s really important. 


The song marks a couple of firsts too for the popular balladeer-TV personality.  This is his first single with Vicor Records after he re-signed with the storied label some weeks ago. 


The track also sees Martin working again with longtime friend and collaborator Louie Ocampo. 



The composer and music-director said that their new single “came really quick for the both of us” He went on to share that the song came about after he got a call from the Nievera. After a few exchanges of files over their smartphones, they had a new song. 


“It really feels good because it’s been awhile since we worked on a song together,” said Ocampo.  



“The best thing about it was it was so spontaneous. It was magic” he added.


Martin then summarized what his new song is all about. “It takes more than just a storm or even a pandemic to take away the Christmas spirit of the resilient Filipinos.”


He went on to add, “we’re so good at turning a calamity into a celebration of life and of survival. And it’s because of this resiliency that Filipinos are born with, that the Christmas spirit is not going to disappear from this country.” 


“A Brand New Christmas” features Martin Nievera’s lyrics with music by Louie Ocampo and is on all digital streaming platforms. 



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