Minzy Sings Lovely For Pinoy Fans

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K-Pop music star Minzy is in Manila! 



Viva Artists Agency, Viva Records, Open Door Artists and South Korea’s MZ Entertainment has joined forces to bring Minzy’s brand of Korean pop in the country. Minzy’s exciting entry into Philippine entertainment kicks off with the local version of her single “Lovely” which sees the K-pop star giving her song a distinct local Pinoy flavor. 


A multi-platinum South Korean artist and a global K-pop sensation, Minzy’s career is astounding. Her fame started with the popular group 2NE1, a world-renown all-girl group that also has a strong following here in the Philippines. Her eventual solo career that started with “Uno” in 2017 netted her a Billboard World Albums chart nod and peaked at the number 2 spot. This is quite the achievement, seeing as it laid further groundwork for K-Pop’s dominance in the world of pop that is still felt today. 


An electrifying performer, Minzy is considered as one of the best in K-Pop and rightly deserves the title “Queen Of Dance.” Fans of Minzy have also dubbed her a ‘dancing machine’ for her exceptional dance skills and fiery stage presence. And completing the package, Minzy is a vocal powerhouse as well. Deservedly earning the spotlight in 2NE1 as the main singer and rapper in that group. Something that she’s developed further as a solo performer. After breaking away from 2NE1 in 2016, Minzy had her single “Ninano” from her debut EP which placed at the US Billboard World Charts and there was no looking back after that. 


“Lovely” was originally released early this year but was revamped and updated especially for Pinoy pop audiences. The song features Minzy’s softer and natural side, and a much more relaxed sound than her previous all-out pop pieces. “Lovely” will see Minzy singing choruses in Tagalog to truly give this legit K-pop track a Pinoy feel.  


Handling Minzy’s career in the Philippines are Viva Artists Agency, Open Door Artists and SoKor’s MZ Entertainment. Executives from Viva, Open Door and MZ Entertainment have mentioned that Minzy’s high profile and background make her an excellent brand ambassador. And since Viva Artist Agency is a multi-media company, the possibility of Minzy appearing in movies is not so far off. Viva’s music producing component in Viva Records has already made headway in bringing Minzy to the Pinoy audience with the release of her first Pinoy single in “Lovely.”


While the world is still in the midst of a raging pandemic, Minzy’s plan of visiting Manila will be put on hold for the time being. But that doesn’t mean that she won’t be communicating with the capital anytime soon. Minzy will do her promotional guestings 2020-style via Zoom and other online means to bring her closer to her Pinoy fans. She’s already started with a virtual press conference with Manila’s entertainment press wherein Minzy will reveal her plans of a Philippine showbiz career to the media and to send her message of love to her loyal Filipino fans. 


“Lovely” the Tagalog version will be released on digital streaming platforms on November 20. 





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