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Viva Records makes TWO exciting soundtrack releases — Viva TV original series “One Song”, and “Istorya” a duet by Nicole Omillo and Carl Guevarra for the upcoming movie “Mr. And Mrs. Cruz”.


“One Song” Official Soundtrack


“One Song” is the exciting new musical drama series set for the Viva channel (Cignal TV) this 2018. The series will feature talented singer-actresses Aubrey Caraan, Janine Tenoso and Carlyn Ocampo.


Those who have followed Manila’s P-pop movement the whole of 2017 would know these three singers as among the young movers of the pop music scene. Aubrey and Carlyn, of course, are two of the five members of electric all female sing and dance group the Pop Girls, while Janine operates as a strong and steady solo performer. Together, they are the leading stars of “One Song.”


As the only musical drama series of its kind in the Philippines today, “One Song” will have its OST extension that will put the spotlight of the music featured on the show. This includes memorable reworkings of 90’s hits of Rivermaya such as “Himala” and After Image’s “Next In Line.” Also included are Pretty In Pink’s “Cool Ka Lang,” as performed as a trio by Carlyn, Janine and Aubrey’s characters in the show.


There are solo moments too. Aubrey gets to channel the Agot Isidro-gem “Sa Isip Ko,” while Carlyn has her moment with Rachelle Ann Go’s “Bakit.” Not to be outdone, Janine brings the house down with a definitive take on the Eraserhead classic “Huwag Mo Nang Itanong.” But ultimately, it’s all about singing as a trio as Janine, Aubrey and Carlyn unite to sing “One Song.”


Now, this is something to watch out for on Philippine TV this 2018.


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Watch the official music video for “Himala” here:


Scan this code in your Spotify search tab for easy streaming of the “One Song” OST!



“Istorya” by Nicole Omillo and Carl Guevarra


“Mr. and Mrs. Cruz” is a modern love story that stars Ryza Cenon and JC Santos. As far as the first trailer for the movie goes, audiences are giving it the thumbs up. No doubt because of the first time pairing of Ryza and JC who are established actors on their own. And the fact that it’s the first new story from megablockbuster director and writer of “Kita Kita,” Sigrid Andrea Bernardo.


But perhaps a bit moreso because of the song featured on the trailer that has since gone viral. The Juans, back from their success with their previous single “Nasayang Lang” and their first hit, “Balisong” from the ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’ movie, returns with a new ballad entitled “Istorya.” The ‘hugot’ sized sentiments of “Istorya” is perfectly encapsulating the movie’s initial premise of starting over and finding love anew.


Also of note on this digital OST EP is the inclusion of young Nicole Omillo. If anything, Nicole’s performance on record should let the everyone in on the secret that this girl has serious singing chops.


The two artists, Nicole Omillo and Carl Guevarra, come together to create a beautiful version of “Istorya”. If the original version was heart-rending, this rendition makes it all the more poignant as the blending of two harmonious voices adds emotion to the well-written lyrics and pleasant tune.


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Watch the official music video for “Istorya” here:


Scan this code in your Spotify search tab for easy streaming of “Istorya” by Nicole Omillo and Carl Guevarra!


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