“Paghanga” by Via Ortega

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Newcomer Via Ortega is a young singer who’s just released her debut single under Viva Records (those veteran Pinoy pop star makers) with the bubbly tune entitled “Paghanga.” We’re pretty sure that those belonging in Generation Z can easily relate to Via’s teen crush tales embedded within “Paghanga.” How can it not be? When you name drop and tag every item and term that a Gen-Z’er can easily relate to, like laptops, FB statuses, celfone wallpapers and YT videos. But deep in this innocently sweet-sounding song is a real dilemma for our protagonist singer who just can’t come up to his ideal boy and say she’s ‘obsessed with him.’ No, because Via is still very much a young ‘dalagang Filipina’ at heart. And that just endears us to both song and Via Ortega.




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