PPop Generation Teams Up With DJ Loonyo for “Ikaw At Ako”

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Viva Records has also released the enhanced music video of PPop Generation’s “Ikaw at Ako” which now features the newest social media sensation and dancer/choreographer, DJ Loonyo. Since its premiere last May 3 rd , the video has garnered over 14,000 views on YouTube, already drawing close to that of the original music video released in October 2019.

This collaboration shows the 45 talented members of PPop Generation and DJ Loonyo in their respective homes where they perform eye-catching dance moves to the foot-stomping beat of “Ikaw at Ako”. Even on quarantine, these artists are all-out in providing entertainment.

“Ikaw at Ako” could be a theme song for women who are honest about their feelings and expect the same from the person they love. It’s about wanting to be with your beloved, but also valuing yourself. It’s about demanding a concrete answer to whether or not they are ready to be in a relationship with you. The bold lyrics are accompanied by a fierce sound, and sung effectively. Co-written and produced by Marcus Davis, the same man who collaborated with Billy Crawford and James Reid in “Filipina Girl”, “Ikaw at Ako”, as a PPop Generation song, conveys girl power. As a dance track with DJ Loonyo, it’s a big winner.

Watch their collab video here:

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