Prolific Producer Bojam DeBelen Drops All EDM Album

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Manila, Philippines — Multi-awarded producer-composer Jumbo “Bojam” DeBelen has just released an electronic dance album entitled “The Bojam Project.” A five-track release, the record sees the prolific beats meister collaborating with some of the most promising artists in pop, R&B, chill music, and of course, EDM scene today.

These top acts includes chill-ambient music artist Summer, pop singer-actress Kelly Welt, urban music artist Muriel, and singer-songwriter Nica Del Rosario. The album also features a collaboration between Bojam, R&B act Cholo and hiphop vet Mista Blaze, and RJ Santillan.

Released in digital format in iTunes and available for streaming in Spotify, Deezer and Guvera, “The Bojam Project” is the first album named under the prolific producer.  Known in the music industry as “Bojam”–DeBelen has worked on songs for big named acts such as Sarah Geronimo, Yassi Pressman, Shehyee and Donnalyn Bartolome to name a few.

Below is a preview of the tracks included in “The Bojam Project.”

“Find Me” – featuring Summer


Chill music artist Summer trades her usual laidback style for the beat and electro music laden sounds of “Find Me.” Summer (a.k.a. Jeli Mateo) is a singer and music executive of Flipmusic Records and has already released several tracks under her artistic nom de guerre. “Find Me” bursts with a robust synth bass and is mixed in video game sounding blips with the occasional rapturous break. This serves as the backdrop for Summer to groove on and indeed she grooves well.

“Tonight” featuring Kelly Welt


Talented newcomer Kelly Welt gets an electronic makeover in this glitzy-sounding and pulsating electro track “Tonight.” As part of Bojam’s album, this track brings a light, pop leaning bent into Bojam’s electronic-heavy weave. What both artists achieve is the perfect balance of melody, catchiness and technical know-how for a genre that a lot of people dabble into but very few succeeds in.

“Maghihintay” – featuring Muriel


This keyboard drenched song from powerhouse vocalist and Flipmusic artist Muriel is probably the closest we can get to a lovesong from “The Bojam Project.” It’s all sentiments and emotions of the aching kind the moment those electronic backdrop reverberates in the intro.  But it’s another high-charged track borne out of Bojam’s electro-imbued imagination.

Muriel for her part gets every emotional sentiment across despite this being a dance track. Credit that to Muriel’s considerable singing skills.

“Love Love Love” – featuring Nica Del Rosario


In this funk guitar imbued dance track, singer-songwriter Nica Del Rosario shows why she’s among the top  songwriters of her generation. This young woman had been very busy indeed all-year round writing and making music for top artists that includes Sarah Geronimo, Yassi Pressman and the like.

But for this one, Nica writes a a catchy one for frequent songwriting partner Bojam in the latter’s all-EDM project. “Love Love Love” is an all-round feel good song. Funk guitars meet EDM and Bojam certainly knows how to marry those disparate genres together. But irregardless of style this one will make you move.

“Uh Oh” – featuring Cholo and Mista Blaze


It’s a slight return to his roots for Bojam as he offers up the R&B/hiphop track  “Uh Oh.” Here the producer team up with Flip’s fast-rising singer Cholo in this sexy mid-tempoed number. Also featured here is local Hiphop scene vet Mista Blaze whose on the wings laying down the inevitable rap break. The wickedly nasal Mista Blaze rattles off a couple of bars of precision rhyming and spot on groove. This track  marks the first time Blaze and Bojam is collaborating after their last work on Blaze N Kane’s epic “Last Of A Dying Breed” album.


“Lift” – featuring RJ Santillan


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