Regine Velasquez- Alcasid Sings a Duet with Her Father in R3.0

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Ms. Regine Velasquez- Alcasid’s father, or as we have come to know as Mang Gerry, made an appearance in the Songbird’s concert celebrating 30 years of her career!


As many know, Mang Gerry molded and trained her to become one of the most iconic OPM singers. He was always present in her competitions and concerts, supporting his daughter throughout her career.


We can understand Ms. Regine Velasquez- Alcasid’s devastation when her father passed in 2014. R3.0 was to be her first major concert without the presence of her father.


But Asia’s Songbird did not let that happen.


On the first night of the R3.0 concert, Ms. Regine Velasquez- Alcasid sang “You’ll Never Know” with Mang Gerry, a song they often sing together on live shows.


She began singing the first few lines, surprising the concert attendees when Mang Gerry’s voice was heard in the second verse. A video of her and her father singing the same song from a few years back played on the stage’s LCD screen.


Asia’s Songbird shed tears as the song went on, but she wasn’t the only one who got emotional. Everyone in the arena was touched by the heart-rending moment. Some, like Ms. Regine, were brought to tears.


The same moment occurred on the second night. But this time, she was joined by her mother, who also sang key lines in the song.



After performing “You’ll Never Know”, Ms. Regine went on to her proceeding pieces. Another song she sang was “First Man In My Life”, a tribute to her father, composed by her husband Ogie Alcasid.


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