Sam Benwick: The Cherub-Faced Singer and Songwriting Sensation

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Manila, Philippines — Emerging music sensation Sam Benwick is leaving an indelible mark with her captivating compositions. Fans were still reveling in the magic of her original singles under Vicor Records, “Show Yourself To Me,” and the recently unveiled “Confession” when Sam Benwick pleasantly surprised them with her latest track, “love with u.”

Featuring the dulcet tones of this cherub-faced singer, the song instantly resonated with her audience. Sam’s voice, both soothing and melodic, complements the song’s themes that connect with listeners of all ages, evoking the electrifying feeling of falling in love.

As anticipation builds among her growing fan base, Sam is preparing to unveil the official music video for “love with u.” Directed by Kashka Gaddi, the video brilliantly captures the essence of Sam’s emotional journey within her immediate surroundings, expressing her longing for love.

Mark your calendars for the music video premiere on September 22, 2023, at 8 pm on Sam Benwick’s official YouTube channel, @sambenwick.

But Sam Benwick is more than just a cherub-faced singer with an angelic voice; she’s also a prolific songwriter known for crafting emotive and relatable songs. In 2022, Popstar Royalty Sarah G selected one of Sam’s songs, “Sansinukob, Salamat,” as a single, instantly captivating SG’s dedicated fan base. This achievement underscores the remarkable talent of the 19-year-old singer-songwriter.

Sam’s artistic reach extends beyond her collaboration with Popstar Sarah G. She also joined forces with Arthur Nery on a Coke Studio project last year, further expanding her musical footprint. The track, “Sinag,” is an Arthur Nery song featuring Sam Benwick’s ethereal vocals, resulting in an R&B-soul-infused masterpiece.

Even at this early stage of her career, Sam Benwick is already teasing her upcoming song titled “Kayang Kaya,” providing further evidence that this cherub-faced singer is indeed a songwriting machine.

About Sam Benwick

Sam Benwick is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter with enchanting vocals and a versatile musical style. She is celebrated for infusing her unique twist into cover songs on her social media platforms, earning recognition from her followers, both in the Philippines, where she is based, and in Indonesia.

Sam made her mark on the Pinoy music scene with a featured role in Arthur Nery’s latest track, “Sinag,” in collaboration with Coke Studios. She also made her mark in the songwriting world, contributing to Sarah Geronimo’s single, “Sansinukob, Salamat,” in 2022. These songs showcased Sam’s ethereal vocals and songwriting prowess, particularly in the indie-pop singer-songwriter genre.

Sam Benwick is a rising star with cherub-faced charm and an unbridled passion for music, destined for greatness in the music industry.

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