Sarah G shines in ‘Tala’

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Manila, Philippines — Keeping up with the stellar, out-there-amongst-the-stars theme of her latest album “The Great Unknown,” Sarah Geronimo and Viva Records has just released the new music video for “Tala.”

The latest of Sarah’s finely made visual accompaniments for her music, “Tala” finds the popstar on an alien-looking landscape which, by our guess, looks a bit like Mars. That or an exceptionally barren desert and rust colored environment.

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It’s all effects though, courtesy of director Paul Basinilio’s vision with some help via green screen magic. Basinilio has an extensive history of work with SG and Viva, and could be trusted to know what works for the multi-hyphenate act. For the past music video projects Basinilio was involved in regarding Geronimo and Viva, all were dance-themed videos that went from the shadows-and-reflections concept of “Ikot Ikot,” the video-mapping bonanza that was “Kilometro,” and now the extra-terrestrial looking landscape in “Tala” that SG is in.


Check out previous collaborations between Viva, SG and Basinilio on “Ikot Ikot” and “Kilometro” here:

Besides the director at helm, long time SG-Viva collaborators G-Force dancers and its enigmatic leader, Teacher Georcelle is back to choreograph the moves for “Tala.” Looking tribal-edgy and sexy, the dance executions for the new music video has certainly turned heads and has a lot of people talking about SG’s performance on “Tala.” It was hot, yes! Controversial maybe? We don’t think so, not really. It’s all part of Geronimo’s evolution as a performance artist. Besides, she can definitely keep up with G-Force dancers and this is dance music.


Speaking of, the masterminds behind the track are proven dance-music mavens. Lyricist-songwriter Nica Del Rosario, has written for Yassi Pressman, and Nadine Lustre among others. Alisson Shore, a young dance music composer and the latest addition to Flipmusic, has proven he has the chops to deliver for big acts like Sarah G. And Jumbo De Belen, well,this guy’s fingerprint, or should we say, audioprint can be heard all ’round.

“Tala” premiered on local music channel Myx and is enjoying quite the rotation. Likewise, the video is also on MTV Pinoy. This is just the first music video and single off Geronimo’s Viva Records produced album “The Great Album.”

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