Sarah Geronimo’s ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ is now Streaming

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Sarah Geronimo’s long-time music label, Viva Records has just announced that the Popstar Princess’ most recent music is now ready for streaming. “Perfectly Imperfect,” the multi-awarded singer-actress’ latest album, is now available at all digital music services.

Fans can now stream Sarah’s recent smash hits such as “Kilometro,” and “Perfectly Imperfect,” on Spotify, Deezer, Guvera, Rdio and all other music services worldwide. This is good news for Geronimo’s fans all over the world.


Besides the previously released singles, SG supporters can now listen to other great songs from “Perfectly Imperfect” such as “Dulo,” the anthemic “Bangon,” and the acoustic flavored “This Fight.” The album also includes the ballads “Minamahal,” “Until Forever,” and the EDM flavored “Last Night of Our Lives” (featuring Canadian rap artist Celeb).

Popsters, Sarah Geronimo’s biggest and most loyal fan club, also approved “The Sarah G Playlist” as the official playlist name that Viva Records is going to use across all the digital streaming services. The playlist can now be listened to on Spotify, Deezer, Guvera and Rdio.

Released in October 2014, “Perfectly Imperfect” is an all-original affair that includes ten songs and a bonus track. Listen, follow and share Sarah Geronimo’s songs using your favorite streaming service. If you want to own a digital copy of Sarah Geronimo’s “Perfectly Imperfect” album, it is available for download on iTunes.


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