1. Release date: 25-May-2018 Avon Rosales — Hawak Learn more

  2. Release date: 25-May-2018 This Band — Tampisaw Learn more

  3. Release date: 25-May-2018 Just Hush — Maikee’s Letters Learn more

  4. Release date: 08-May-2018 Because — Sandali Learn more

  5. Release date: 15-May-2018 Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story) Original Movie Soundtrack Learn more

  6. Release date: 11-May-2018 JeffreYumol — Counterflow Learn more

  7. Release date: 11-May-2018 Janina Raval — NKKLTO Learn more

  8. Release date: 11-May-2018 Regine Tolentino — The Diva’s In Me Learn more

  9. Release date: 11-May-2018 Niña Arny and Vince Sendrijas — M.M.K. Learn more

  10. Release date: 04-May-2018 The Agadiers — Plug ‘N Play Learn more

  11. Release date: 01-May-2018 Kuya Bryan ft. Johnnel Jocson — Ferrero Learn more

  12. Release date: 29-Apr-2018 Squad Goals Original Movie Soundtrack Learn more

  13. Release date: 27-Apr-2018 JeanKiley — Dito Lang Ako Learn more

  14. Release date: 27-Apr-2018 Nova Abaniel — Ondoy, Paminawa Learn more

  15. Release date: 20-Apr-2018 Ronnie Liang — 12 Learn more

  16. Release date: 17-Apr-2018 Bedside — Lochnezz ft. Mets (Emoji Records) Learn more