“Tanong” by Jem Cubil

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It was just a matter of time and those closely following Jem Cubil knew that an acoustic flavored ballad was just around the bend for the singer. And now it’s come via his April 2019 single release entitled “Tanong.” This is his first solo release since he hit the mainstream with the OST single “The Morning After” that he shared and sung with equally talented Andrea Babierra from the movie “Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story).”


And all that waiting for “Tanong” doesn’t disappoint. Soulful vocals sung over heartfelt lyrics and a memorable chorus makes this the perfect vehicle for Jem Cubil who’s starting to come into his own as a singer and a songwriter. The song also marks the first time Jem Cubil arranged and produced his own track. Rightly so, as this track feels like a first time for both Jem and his listeners, because he just sounds so fresh and new on this one.


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