‘The Juans Embark on Their First North American Tour’

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The Juans, one of Pinoy pop’s favorite groups, are about to set off on their first ever first-ever North American tour. Starting this February, The Juans will etch a career milestone when they expand their reach to an international audience.

The North American tour, will kick off this coming February 23 in Vancouver, Canada, followed by shows in Saskatoon (Feb 25), Calgary (March 1), Winnipeg (March 2), Toronto (March 8) and will stretch all the way to the U.S. with shows in New York (March 9), San Francisco (March 15) and Los Angeles (March 16).

The Juans are just fresh off the heels of a new single release, their first in 2024, with the fan-approved new song “Pwede Ba Kitang Ligawan?”

The song, written by singer-lead guitarist Japs Mendoza, is a change of pace for the band, as they veer away a bit from their introspective songs they’ve released of late, and go for a lighter mood tackling ‘ligawan’ themes and an airier sound to go with it.

“Pwede Ba Kitang Ligawan” – which translates to ‘can I court you’ – embodies the essence of youthful romance as it invites listeners to embark on a listening journey filled with ‘pakilig’ vibes and the prospect of blossoming love.

The timing of their new song of course coincides with the love month, not to mention their upcoming tour.

“We’re beyond excited to embark on our first North American tour and connect with our fans across the continent,” says Carl Guevarra, lead vocalist of The Juans. “We can’t wait to share our music, stories, and the joy of performing live with everyone.”

The upcoming tour is a chance for The Juans’ loyal fan base—called Juanistas—up in North America, to connect with Carl Gueverra, Japs Mendoza, RJ Cruz and Chael Adriano. Some of these fans have been waiting for this particular opportunity to finally see their favorite band.

The Juans’ North American tour promises to be a celebration of music, culture, and the unifying power of melody. With their latest single in tow and a fervent desire to spread positivity at every tour stop, The Juans are ready to make their mark on the international stage.

For tour dates, ticket information, and the latest updates, check out The Juans’ social media accounts or Viva Records’ Facebook page for details.

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