The Sing-Along Karaoke Channel is now up!

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The world of Karaoke has never been this fun and easy to access.

Viva Records officially launch their newest source of Friday night fun: the Sing-Along Karaoke Channel on YouTube. The launch included 20 sing-along songs, old and new. These include Janine Teñoso’s version of the hits “‘Di Na Muli” and “Huwag Mo Nang Itanong”, Marion Aunor’s original composition “Akala”, a couple of Donnalyn Bartolome’s tracks like “Happy Break Up” and her latest “Sabi Niya”. Of course, some classics won’t be forgotten; “Himala”, and “Before I Let You Go” are also on the roster, and so much more! If you think that you’ll be able to sing the initial 20 songs the channel has to offer in one sitting, then you’re in luck, cause this just the start. Mark your calendars every Friday because the Sing-Along Karaoke channel will be releasing 3 to 5 songs weekly every Friday! Now that’s a routine you know you’ll want to stick to. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive notifications. Who knew Karaoke could be this accessible? You can host your own Sing-Along Karaoke Party right at the comfort of your very homes. No more clunky Karaoke contraptions, no more KTV bars. All you need is your handy smartphone, an internet connection, and a little bit of confidence to sing your heart out. No need to worry about the bill stacking up by the hour. Why? Cos the best thing about the Sing-Along Karaoke Channel is that it’s free of charge. So sit back, relax, and make each song your own.

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