The Urgency Of Rapper Geo Ong

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Going viral on YouTube seems to be dime-a-dozen these days, but so few of them really stand out, much more last in the age of short attention span. But Geo Ong is an exception. His videos rack up the views by the millions because there’s substance to it. Mainly, his ‘content’ is a heavy dose of urgency that is apparent in his themes.

The rapper is as real as it gets and that’s the way he wants it. Oh, and his videos are entertaining for sure. This includes his music video for his most recent single entitled “Pekeng Kaibigan” that went trending on YouTube shortly after its release. It reached a million views in just 2 days and peaked at the #1 spot for 3 consecutive days.

What makes his songs trend is probably how his hard-hitting verses cut straight to the point. The smooth rhythmic flow of his delivery run alongside his visceral lyrics that are unafraid to comment on current issues in society. Prime examples include previous songs “Breadwinner” about the struggles of a son providing for his family and “Parokyana,” about sex, social media, and gold diggers.

He does it again with his latest release “Pekeng Kaibigan.” Meanwhile, his latest single “Pekeng Kaibigan,” lives up to the Geo Ong’s no-holds-barred brand of rap as he disses fake friends. “May kaibigang mabait lang kapag merong kailangan pag wala,/ hindi niya kilala ang iyong pangalan / Andiyan sila pag meron silang napapala pag wala, parang sila biglang nawawala.”

The “Pekeng Kaibigan” music video mixes dance moves, steamy bed scenes, and some old-school rap gangsta family-type depiction. A tested formula for a rap video for sure, but Geo Ong makes it look easy. Asked if this is the secret to his success, the rapper said, “’yung mga music videos ko ay isang paraan lang ng pagkwento ng istorya ko. Pero gusto kong isipin na yung mensahe ko yung tumatatak sa mga nanuod at nakikinig sa kin. Dapat totoo lang ako lagi sa sarili ko.”

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