There’s No Stopping Nicole Omillo

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Nicole Omillo has come pretty far since her time as a member of former girl group “Sugar N Spice.” After each of them has decided to go solo, they all individually pursued their fortes, and Nicole chose to focus on singing.


It was long after going solo when Nicole released her very own debut single “Mi Amor,” and it was not your typical debut song. “Mi Amor” was the theme song of the Viva TV Original Series “Tabi Po,” which is a huge start-off opportunity for the young singer. Not to mention this Johann Garcia written track is in Spanish, a language Nicole does not speak, but was able to pull off to create a beautiful piece to mark her debut as a solo artist.


After “Mi Amor,” Nicole was given another opportunity to contribute to a soundtrack, singing 4 songs for the Viva Films movie “Mr. And Mrs. Cruz.” This is where Nicole started to become recognized, with her renditions of “Istorya” by The Juans and “Before I Let You Go” by Freestyle gaining traction and topping music charts!


Nicole’s previous songs have been in the line of mellow ballads, but for this single, she changes things a notch. In “Die For You,” we see a fiercer and edgier Nicole Omillo, like we’ve never seen her before. And this electro-tinged dance track is not at all “ordinary.” “Die For You” features international artist J Young and was produced by international, award-winning producer Adam Hurstfield, who has worked with iconic singers such as Ne-Yo, Faber Drive, Ashley Tisdale, DJ Khaled, Usher, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, etc. Adam has also worked with our local talents James Reid and the Pop Star Royalty Ms. Sarah Geronimo. Collaborating with an international artist and producer indeed pushed Nicole’s career to greater heights.


Only a few weeks after the release of “Die For You,” Nicole comes back and surprises yet again with another single, this time, for the Viva Films upcoming movie “Squad Goals.” She takes on another upbeat dance track “WWD” (What We Do), written by prime songwriting duo Thyro and Yumi.


Nicole Omillo has had a strong and promising journey as a solo artist by far, being part of OSTs and collaborating with internationally renowned artists.


It’s quite evident that there’s no stopping Nicole, and we just can’t wait to hear more from her!


You can listen to Nicole Omillo’s singles on Spotify, Apple Music, and all other digital music stores! Watch her exclusive videos on Viva Records’ YouTube Channel:


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