Top off Your Awesome August

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The end of the month doesn’t only bring good fortune, coz along with its wave are extraordinary additions to top off your awesome August!

Rice Lucido – Dalawang Tao [O/C Records]

Rice Lucido is a talented singer-songwriter whose alt-folky single entitled “Dalawang Tao” is turning ears towards her way. Acoustic guitars, old-school harmonica blows and a twang-y country lilt to her vocals make for a unique song experience as Rice Lucido demonstrates in her O/C Records debut.

Listen to “Dalawang Tao” here:


ExB – Singsing [ExBattalion Music]

Get to know the Bicol Ladies of the sexiest comedy film of 2018 — “Abay Babes”. The bridesmaids, or the “abays”, are Emerald: the gorgeous one played by Nathalie Heart, Perla: the conservative one played by Kylie Verzosa, Ruby: the beauty and brains played by Christine Reyes, Jade: the boy-ish one played by Meg Imperial, and the bride-to-be Goldie, played by Roxanne Barcelo. Everything you wanna know about these beauties are all wrapped up in this trap single by the country’s leading rap group, ExBattalion.

Listen to “Singsing” here:


Kanta Kasing Kasing: The First Year EP [Kasikas Records]

The ultimate collection that showcases the pride of Visayas. Up and coming singers and songwriters that will leave your jaw dropped with each song. If you’re feeling down and blue you have the soothing tunes that “Unta Single Na Ka” and the folk-like song about hope lost in love “Paglaum” to keep you company. The pop and catchy track “O” will make you feel the kilig you didn’t know you needed. “Libu-libo” and “Uli Na Diri”, that’ll make you feel in love, also proves to be memorable with its quotability and textured sound. No doubt that this EP is full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics with each track warranting its place on the album. Thinking that just the first year of Kanta Kasing Kasing is this remarkable, what more of the coming years up ahead?

Check out the “Kanta Kasing kasing: The First Year” EP here:

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