Triple Treat: 3 New Releases From 3 Great Acts

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Today, October 27, Viva Records gave a ‘triple treat’ with 3 new releases — “Istorya” by The Juans, “Mi Amor” by Nicole Omillo, and the “Peroplano” album by Acapellago!


“Istorya” by The Juans



After their last successful single “Nasayang Lang”, and their rendition of “Balisong” in the blockbuster movie “100 Tula Para Kay Stella”, The Juans are back with a new emotional ballad. “Istorya”, written by 1/5 of The Juans’ Carl Guevarra, can boast of strong lyrics and a fetching melody — as with all other tracks released by 5 talented and well-honed boys.


Listen to “Istorya” on Spotify:


Watch the official lyric video on the Viva Records YouTube Channel:



“Mi Amor” by Nicole Omillo



Former “Sugar ‘N Spice” singer Nicole Omillo is the voice behind “Mi Amor”, the official theme song of the Sari Sari Channel original series “Tabi Po”, based on Mervin Malonzo’s aswang comic. Nicole’s soulful voice is abundant with emotion, blending perfectly with the melodious track.


“Mi Amor” is sung with two versions —full Spanish and Filipino- Spanish.


Stream “Mi Amor” on Spotify!


Full Spanish:


Filipino- Spanish:


Watch out for the official lyric video on the Viva Records YouTube Channel tomorrow night — 6pm!



“Peroplano” Album by Acapellago



An a cappella group that has been in the business of making a capella music for 5 years, Acapellago has finally taken off, launching their debut album “Peroplano”. Their most renowned a cappella renditions such as “On The Wings of Love”, “May Tatlong Bibe”, “Triangulo”, and “Conga”, are tracks in the album. Also included are their original singles “Peroplano” and “Stars Are Aligned”.


Their album is now available on Spotify:


Watch exclusive videos from Acapellago on the Viva Records YouTube Channel:



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