UDD Returns with Electronic New Single “Run Deep”

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Manila, Philippines – March 31, 2024 – UDD, the iconic Filipino alternative rock and electronic band, is set with their highly anticipated new single, “Run Deep,” slated for release at midnight on March 31, 2024. The new single is the band’s first since their contribution to the “Trese” soundtrack in 2021 and promises to be a triumphant return for the band.

The rejuvenated trio comprising singer-bassist Paul Yap, guitarist Carlos Tañada, and drummer Ean Mayor has embarked on a sonic journey that both embraces the familiar and ventures into exciting new territories for UDD fans. Teasing the single during the holy week, the band has sparked anticipation among their dedicated fanbase, offering glimpses into “Run Deep” through intriguing social media posts.

A notable departure from their previous works, “Run Deep” features Paul Yap taking over vocal duties, a role he embraces with confidence and enthusiasm. Explaining the transition, Yap states, “It’s been a challenge to take on this role, but the band (Carlos and Ean) have been supportive, and we’ve adjusted our songwriting to accommodate my vocal range.” This shift reflects the band’s commitment to exploring new creative avenues while staying true to their distinctive sound.

Behind the production of “Run Deep” lies a collaborative effort among the band members, with Carlos Tañada highlighting their experimental approach to instrumentation. “We didn’t limit ourselves to our main instruments. We played around with synthesizers a lot,” he explains. This experimentation has allowed the band to infuse their signature sound with electronic elements, enriching their musical palette.

Ean Mayor further elaborates on the band’s sonic evolution, citing their exploration of electronic sounds as a defining element of “Run Deep.” “Since our first album, UDD has always been rooted in electronic sounds,” Mayor states. “With ‘Run Deep,’ we’re embracing our electronic leanings more confidently than ever before.”

The genesis of “Run Deep” stemmed from a piece of music discovered during an exhibit, which Paul Yap and Ean Mayor transformed into a full-fledged song. Mayor describes the track as embodying “deep house sounds, the kind of music you listen to after clubbing.”

With “Run Deep,” Up Dharma Down continues to push boundaries and redefine their musical identity.

Released under Viva Records, “Run Deep” will be available on all major digital streaming platforms starting midnight, Easter Sunday. The official music video will premiere on UDD’s official YouTube channel on March 31, 2024 at 8pm.

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