Why You Should Take a Close Look at “Sabi Niya” by Donnalyn Bartolome MV

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Donnalyn Bartolome releases another heart-rending music video! Her newest single “Sabi Niya”, is part of a song trilogy, piloted by “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na”. That being said, you would expect the music videos of the two releases to be related.


And that it is. The music video for “Sabi Niya” is a continuation of the “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na” story. If you’ve seen the latter, you would definitely get goosebumps while watching the music video of “Sabi Niya”, as you notice all the ties it has with its preceding MV.


Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen the “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na” music video, head on over to watch it in the Viva Records YouTube Channel before proceeding!


“Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na” told us a story of a complicated relationship, with Donnalyn asking herself if they should try to make it right or it’s time to let go. In the beginning of the video, we saw her ask “Itatama pa ba? O tama na?” as she picked the petals of a rose — the last petal supposedly to mean “tama na”.


We think that’s the end of the story, with her deciding to end it. Until her leading man, played by Japs Mendoza of The Juans, enters the room and hands her another rose, signifying the continuance of their relationship.
Then comes “Sabi Niya”. This is where we find out what happens to the relationship they decided to continue.
Donnalyn incorporates symbolism in this new music video. She also reintroduces some items that we would recall from “Itatama Pa Ba O Tama Na”.


In “Sabi Niya”, she tells the story of broken promises and broken hearts. In her dresser are photos of her and Japs Mendoza, leading us back to their story in the previous music video.


Now, remember the rose we were talking about earlier? Donnalyn shows us the same rose in “Sabi Niya”, except this time, it’s dry and wilted, as if symbolizing their relationship.


This new music video is definitely one to watch. The visual aesthetics may be appealing, but the real reason it’s so good is the masterful storyline.


The official music video of “Sabi Niya” will be up on the Viva Records YouTube Channel at 8 pm tonight (February 1, 2018).




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