Viva Vicor albums

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Cruz Official Soundtrack

  2. Sarah Geronimo — Sandata

  3. One Song Official Soundtrack

  4. Nicole Omillo and Carl Guevarra — Istorya

Viva Vicor videos

  1. Nicole Omillo & Carl Guevarra — Before I Let You Go | Mr. & Mrs. Cruz OST [Official Music Video]

  2. Julian Trono – KNKLG [Official MV Behind-The-Scenes]

  3. Aubrey Caraan, Janine Teñoso & Carlyn Ocampo – One Song (Acoustic) [Official Lyric Video]

  4. After 5 – Babalik [Official MV Behind-The-Scenes]

Viva Vicor news and updates

“Sandata”: Sarah Geronimo’s First Salvo For 2018

Sarah Geronimo is at it again! Pinoy pop is off to a good start this year when it kicks off with a much-awaited track from the one and only Pop Star Royalty.   Throughout the years of her iconic career, Sarah G has unceasingly reinvented her musical style, making her…

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Viva Vicor ARTISTS

  1. Jem Cubil

  2. Ann Mateo

  3. Abby Manguinao

  4. MJ Cayabyab